RAIZ Project provides sustainable farming solutions for cities. Sustainability will be provided through energy-efficient, farm networks across neighbourhoods and cities.

We are looking for passionate candidates about environmentalism who have a background in web3. The candidates will help to communicate with the community and influencers, providing the community with growth.


Grow community

Required Skills

  • English fluency
  • Experience in SMM and marketing
  • Event and Promotional Planning and Analysis
  • Project and Talent Management Skills
  • Experience creating, configuring and moderating multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno,, etc.)
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)Experience in Twitter management

Favourable Skills

Native English speaker.

Experience in planting/agriculture.

Additional Details

The reward will be 12-15 USD/ per hour depending on experience.

The opportunity requires 15 hours per week.


Rewards paid in NEAR, using the averaged NEAR/USD conversion rate for the 7 days prior to payment.