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Open Web Sandbox specializes in Consulting, Recruitment, and Jobs. Open Web Sandbox successfully matched 40+ NEAR projects to talent since March 2021 (including Aurora, BlueBit, and Octopus), and has a database with 1000+ blockchain professionals.

We are launching a new platform soon to make your experience even smoother and easier. We would like to invite you to be the first who will use it and help us to find all mistakes and lags.

We are looking for:

- 2 people with experience in searching for jobs in web3 to test the platform from a talent perspective

- 1 person who has a background as a project leader/currently leading a project or has senior experience in HR to test the platform from the client perspective


- Test the platform using the test cases template

- Fill in the document

- Discuss your experience with the OWS team in a brief interview

Required Skills

- English fluency

- Ready to start at the end of next week

- Background described above is mandatory

- Experience in testing/UX is a plus

Favourable Skills

Additional Details


Rewards paid in NEAR, using the averaged NEAR/USD conversion rate for the 7 days prior to payment.