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Mentorship Program

What is it?

The Open Web Sandbox is a community based organisation within the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a human-centric digital hub for everyone wishing to engage with projects building on top of the NEAR protocol.

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between communities that seek to create opportunities through projects, and contributors who want to take those opportunities and contribute to the ecosystem.


These testimonials showcase all the incredible learning paths of OWS community members and how they all became mentors.  


Designer at BLAH

Formally trained as a sculptor and now working entirely in digital media as an NFT artist, HypeDAO council member, and member of Curators DAO.

Contributor Feedback:

“Thanks for today's meeting, I could feel in your [OWS moderator] words a person who really wants to help other people. A kindly person. Thanks for that!”


Leader Product manager in Datality

15 years in Global Marketing and Sales across 7 different countries for Blue Chip FCMG companies. 2 years of hands-on Crypto experience (ShapeShift, WallSteetBets & Bankless Consulting). Passionate about building high performing teams and spreading NEAR protocol knowledge across the globe.

Contributor Feedback:


Member of NEAR Nigeria Guild
Community moderator in various projects

An Electronics student with knowledge in python programming, three-plus years of experience in blockchain, project manager, and community moderator.

Contributor Feedback:

“I understood the rules of working as a community builder”


Community moderator at Cura DAO
Community manager at Design Guild

A blockchain enthusiast that is passionate about communication, technology and loves to bridge projects and people together. Writer aspirant during the free time who enjoys telling stories and stimulating the mind about experiences and life learnings.

Contributor Feedback:

“No issue at all, K has been overly helpful"


Researcher at Sankore
Translator for NEAR Legal Guild
Head of Operations NEAR Venezuela Guild

Venezuelan, BA in International Affairs with a big passion for motorcycles, bikes, and soccer. Melomaniac and passionate about geopolitics. Now, involved as an enthusiast in crypto and blockchain tech.

Contributor Feedback:

“OWS was very clear with the information“

Contributor Feedback


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