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In the NEAR ecosystem by becoming part of the OWS community.

What is OWS?

The Open Web Sandbox is a community based organisation within the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a human-centric digital hub for everyone wishing to engage with projects building on top of the NEAR protocol.

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between communities that seek to create opportunities through projects, and contributors who want to take those opportunities and contribute to the ecosystem.

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Within the NEAR ecosystem, we classify communities as either projects (DApps) building on top of NEAR, or organisation (Guilds). Essentially, communities are   composed of individuals that see the NEAR Protocol as the best environment to carry out their projects.


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Join as a contributor

Within the NEAR ecosystem, contributors are individuals bringing value to the ecosystem. They can take on tasks from projects that communities offer and get rewarded for them by OWS upon completion.


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Current Opportunities

Within the NEAR ecosystem, opportunities are tasks set out by both OWS and all other communities on the NEAR Protocol. You can choose whichever opportunity you are interested in from the Project Dashboard.

Our Community


Ask questions, stay up-to-date, and engage with the OWS community and team members.


Become an OWS contributor, or view a list of all of our current contributors.

Governance Forum

View our governance posts, discussions, and feedback from the greater NEAR community.


Stay up-to-date with new Project Opportunities, events, and announcements.


OWS has its very own room in the fast growing NEAR Hub metaverse, used to host events and activities.

Mentorship Program

If you are looking for support and want to gain new skills, take part in the mentorship program.

News & Announcements

March 8, 2022

Weekly AMA

The Auction: NEAR's Secondary NFT Marketplace
/ Chloe & others
March 2, 2022

OWS Party: February

A Roundtable With NEAR’s Metaheads.
/ NEAR Edu, Cura DAO, NEAR Week

Humans of OWS

Monthly article series featuring OWS community members.
/ Anastasiia

New NEAR Platform

On-chain single point of truth for all NEAR Guilds information
/ NEAR Guilds DApp

OWS NEAR Hub Hangout

Hangout Q&A sessions in the OWS metaverse space.
/ OWS NEAR Hub space

OWS Tiering System 2.0

Introduction to new OWS tiering system
/ OWS Team
01 / 12 / 2021

Monthly Party: New UI

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jon Cena
jon lock
01 / 12 / 2021

Weekly AMA: Ref.finance and UX

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Our Team


OWS moderator, optimistic software engineer in the making. Passionate about books, stand-up comedy and making the world fairer through new, decentralized technologies.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email


OWS moderator with a background in logic and the philosophy of information, what better place to be than at NEAR, a protocol that is creating novel methods of information communication.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email


Independent comic book artist, NFT Creator, and Moderator. Extremely fascinated with how smart contracts and NFTs will play a role in the future in the NEAR ecosystem. His DMs are open and always looking for collaborations.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email


OWS moderator with a background in digital and e-commerce management. Here to unite Sandboxers from all over the world and increase the NEAR community.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email


OWS Marketing mastermind boosting engagement via hosting events and closely communicating with OWS contributors. Continuously  executing new ways to improve the onboarding experience while leveraging data.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email


Aspiring to bridge the gap between humans and technology. I believe that crypto does not have to be chaotic, blockchain is not only for developers, and onboarding to NEAR can be easy and fun. Drop me a message if you’d like to talk.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email


Information-sharing and organisation nut (a.k.a. Info Team Lead) at NEAR. Coming from an events management web2 world to build web3 communities and sustainable business models.

/ NEAR Forum
/ Discord Handle
/ Contact Email

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