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Marma J is sharing how we leverage Web3 technology for social good. The goal is to educate community members on how to use the applications, tools, and technologies available within the Web3 space so that our community and its members are empowered to support their individual and collective initiatives.

The intern will help to organize research section.We are looking for a person interested in NEAR protocol research to join and support. This will be a position funded by the Marma J DAO and generally, compensation will follow the general publication guide: Marma J Foundation: Publication Guide | Marma J FoundationThe opportunity involves a long-term commitment.


- Research and review Near Education courses, and other educational sources

- Participate in Marma J Hackathon events

- Write weekly Marma J Research articles for the

Required Skills

- Corporate analysis, educational, or business research skills

- A strong passion for Web3 and democratic ways of working

- Proven background in writing

Favourable Skills

Near Certificate

Additional Details

The reward will be distributed in Marma J tockens

The reward is based on the amount of articles, please find the details by the link


Rewards paid in NEAR, using the averaged NEAR/USD conversion rate for the 7 days prior to payment.