Lens DAO

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The DAO is focusing on creating high-quality video and photo content and supporting the Creatives with that. The project is based in Lisbon, Portugal and as we have been working on several projects throughout the last months, our social media presence is ready to get going!

The project is looking for a person who will help with position including IG, Twitter, YT and TG. As the project is currently dealing with YT themselves, the main focus is Twitter and IG. If you decide this is for you and you get comfortable with the DAO, it is possible to work with all 4 networks.



- Appr. 10 retweets per month

- Appr. 10 original posts per month about the ongoing projects and NEAR-related issues


- 9 original posts & stories per month (content will be given)


- Visuals for posts to be created (if necessary; currently we are planning with posting the videos directly)

Required Skills

- Knowledge of the N ecosystem

- Experience with social media tools/scheduling/hashtags

- The Portuguese language is a plus

- Reliability

Favourable Skills

Additional Details


Rewards paid in NEAR, using the averaged NEAR/USD conversion rate for the 7 days prior to payment.