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Autify Network is developing a trust protocol to make commerce and supply-chain more transparent through the power of blockchain, AI & computer vision.

It is the first and only certification platform designed to prove the authentication and ownership of any physical goods using an object’s biometry.

Autify uses a combination of intelligent technologies, including computer vision, artificial intelligence, and decentralized infrastructure to mint, match, maintain and transfer digital twins. These NFT certificates provide a universal solution for certifying trust across the business sectors.

Autify can uniquely identify physical objects even if they are of the same make or model. This solution far surpasses anything in the market today.

After launching in the Ethereum, Autify started expansion on NEAR. The project is looking for an experienced RUST developer to support the transition.The job requires full-time occupancy - 40 hours per week.


As a Rust engineer, you’ll be a key member of the team transforming the requirements into on-chain logic. Your knowledge of cryptocurrency technologies will bring mechanics to life such as Traceability, Product Authentication, Transfer of data through smart contracts, Staking, and more.

- Developing necessary code base in Rust language.

- Support migration and further develop on NEAR protocol.

- Participating in a research process about solutions, trends, and security measures required for the project.

- Discussing technical solutions and providing innovative new ideas to established problems.

- Strong knowledge of distributed applications, consensus algorithms, p2p protocols, etc.

Required Skills

- Practical experience with Rust programming language (2 yrs+).

- Extensive experience with any other low-level backend programming language (C/C++, Go etc.) (5 yrs+).

- Comfortable setting up the environment from scratch.

- Initiative, self-motivated, and able to work as part of a team.

- Work well under pressure and to deadlines.

- Comfortable working in an agile, scrum environment.

Favourable Skills

Experience in collaborations with commerce, supply-chain & retail projects.

Additional Details

30% of the reward will be transferred in project tokens.

The reward can be discussed with the successful candidate.


Rewards paid in NEAR, using the averaged NEAR/USD conversion rate for the 7 days prior to payment.