OWS NEAR Hub Hangout!

Hello everyone!

Have you just joined the Open Web Sandbox or have you already been hanging here for some time?
Do you feel lost, confused or simply want to chat with someone from the community?

Join a OWS newcomers (and oldies too ofc) Hangout session!

We will chill in the OWS Space in the NEARverse, talk about OWS and simply chat about everything and nothing.

Do you have any particular questions about certain projects, OWS processes or anything else?

Bring them there as well, we will be more than glad to light you path in the Open Web Sandbox. Additionally, it’s a great chance to meet your peers and make new friends - and who ever says no to that??


Saturday 19.02.2022 at 5am CET with @Samtoshi_F_Baby - a true OG and a great artist who will gladly share all his knowledge about the NEAR ecosystem (and trust me, there is a lot of that heh) with you


Tuesday 22.02.2022 at 7 pm CET
with @AnaNastya - grab your chance to chat with our Projects Wizard.

Pick any slot that is convenient for you.


OWS Space in the NEAR Hub.

How do I join?

Simply connect with your NEAR Wallet. Still don’t have one? Create one with a couple of clicks here.

Looking forward to meeting all of you in the NEARverse!

See you soon.