New onboarding, new platform, new opportunities!

Hey newcomers and experienced Sandboxers,

We see that there are still many unanswered questions regarding the building blocks of our ecosystem - Guilds.
We often see a lot of confusion about:

- How to join a Guild
- What types of Guild are out there
- How you start one of your own
- Or even simply what is a Guild…??

Well, to address all of these concerns and make sure that everybody has access to the same information and can benefit from all the opportunities offered by and for the Guilds, we have launched a new platform!

Imagine that all the dozens of different telegram chats, discord channels, thousands of emails and private messages about the ecosystem guild updates become available in JUST ONE place. No need to search for information across millions of servers and doubt whether the information you found is up-to-date. But how would that be possible, we are decentralized at the end of the day...

Our solution to these issues is, essentially, the that will allow ALL Guild members (or in fact, anyone) to havwhere Guild leaders will s updates, NEAR foundation core team will do link and NFT airdrops and what is more important, we will be able to communicate across guilds without the need to search across that chaotic telegram folders of yours! 

Who qualifies?


Are you new to the ecosystem and you do not belong to any of the guild just yet? Join to find out more! Are you someone who has already been in OWS for some time? Join and let's grow our Open Web Sandbox together! Are you already a member of a certain Guild and still keeping an eye on OWS? Join and let’s enhance collaboration opportunities with other Guilds! Are you an entrepreneur who wants to build a business on NEAR for Venezuela? Why wouldn’t you want to be on the platform where Guild Venezuela shares its needs and preferences? 

Why should you join?

  • Easily navigate through all NEAR Guilds
  • Be on top of the hottest project opportunities
  • Connect with the Guild Leaders directly
  • Engage with any community of your choice at one platform
  • Become noticed as an active member who provides feedback and become an advisory for the important ecosystem decisions.

It is so early and we are looking for engaged guild members, engaged sandboxers, who love NEAR, care about its future and want to help us make important decisions of how the ecosystem should be! Join the platform, become visible and become a key stakeholder! It’s a greenfield opportunity, do not miss it!

Do I need a nearwallet account?

You can make one here real quick:
NEAR Wallet

What do I have to do after I join? 

For now we are in a beta testing mode, so we are waiting till everybody joins and all the features become available. That means that after you joined with your nearwallet, we will be able to include you into all the ongoing events on the platform when it goes fully live in the coming months!

I have suggestions about how the platform can be improved, what do I do?

You contact Sofia_Alum and/or  @vrdoingthings and we will be happy to chat! Talk to us, we want to know how you see the Platform be useful for your specific needs!

So, what are you waiting for?
See you all on the other side!